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Eddy Toys Piraten zwaard Eddy Toys Piraten zwaard € 1,95 € 0,85
Gonher Handboeien Gonher Handboeien € 6,99 € 4,50
Rose & Romeo Heksen Hoed Rose & Romeo Heksen Hoed € 9,95 € 4,95
Skylanders Verkleedpak Skylanders Verkleedpak € 42,50 € 16,50
Rose & Romeo Verkleedjurk Rose & Romeo Verkleedjurk € 44,95 € 18,95
Welcome to Internet-Toys: the largest online toy shop in the Netherlands

Internet-Toys is a young, dynamic web shop offering a complete range of products in the toy sector. If you are looking for Lego, you'll find the full Lego range here. If you want Playmobil, you'll find the full Playmobil range here. In addition, you have also come to the right place for large outdoor play apparatus such as trampolines, playhouses, swings and paddling pools! You can search through our total assortment or for a specific brand. Everything is listed in alphabetical order for your convenience. With a huge storage capacity of 20,000m3, we live up to our customers' expectations; everything you see on our website is available and physically in stock. Your order will be quickly delivered via DHL.
So order your toys quickly, cheaply and safely with Internet-Toys!

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