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Conditions of discount code

Conditions of discount codes by THOM SALES B.V.

These conditions apply to the use of discount codes offered by THOM SALES B.V. By using the discount codes, you agree to these conditions.

Validity of coupons

  1. These terms and conditions apply to discount codes offered by THOM SALES B.V.
  2. Each discount code is valid during the period stated on the discount voucher.
  3. Discount codes issued by THOM SALES B.V. can be used for purchases from all webshops of THOM SALES B.V. except. In addition, voucher codes are not valid for articles offered by third parties, such as articles from external THOM SALES B.V. sellers and second-hand articles.
  4. Unless stated otherwise, each discount code can only be used once.
  5. The discount code must be spent in one go; any remaining money will expire.
  6. Offers apply as long as stocks last.
  7. If products purchased with a discount code are returned, the discount will expire. The discount code is therefore not valid again.
  8. Discount codes cannot be exchanged for money. 
  9. The discount obtained with the discount coupon will be deducted from the purchase price at the time of full payment. The customer will not receive a partial benefit on a down payment; the benefit will be granted at the time of full payment of the purchase.
  10. The discount code cannot be used in combination with similar benefits or other discount code(s).
  11. Discount codes issued by THOM SALES B.V. cannot be used for the purchase of books (as mentioned above under 3) and gift vouchers of THOM SALES B.V.
  12. A discount code must be passed on during the ordering process. If this is not the case, THOM SALES B.V. cannot be held liable to deliver in accordance with the conditions of this discount code.

Misuse and fraud

  1. Discount codes are issued only once. In case of theft or loss no compensation will take place. Loss also includes the (accidental) deletion of e-mails.
  2. It is prohibited to duplicate or falsify the discount code(s), including hacking, spreading viruses, spamming or forwarding.
  3. It is not permitted to use discount codes for commercial purposes and/or purposes other than those for which they have been issued.
  4. Any (attempted) fraud or other unauthorised act is registered and will result in (future) discount codes being invalid.
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