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Small Foot

Small Foot has been making sustainable wooden toys since 1988. The products from the different worlds are easy to combine and stimulate all your child's senses, allowing them to playfully discover the world.

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Small Foot loopfiets Junior Red
Small Foot Tricycle Trike 2-in-1 loopfiets 10 Inch Junior Green
Reduced price
Small Foot rummy puzzle game 27 x 9 cm wood/textile 110-piece
17,95 11,75
Reduced price
Small Foot mosaic set tangram blocks of wood 250-piece
26,50 17,75
Reduced price
Small Foot musical instrument console with wood height 47cm
73,95 46,95
Reduced price
Small Foot Activity cube Mouse 29 cm
51,95 31,50
Reduced price
Small Foot wooden ehbo case red 29 x 6 x 26 cm
44,25 26,25
Reduced price
Small Foot 3D wooden Tetriscube puzzle junior 6 cm 8-piece
7,75 4,50
Reduced price
Small Foot wooden toy camera 11 cm green
13,50 8,75
Reduced price
Small Foot playground amusement park junior 52 cm wood/steel
141,- 93,75
Reduced price
Small Foot gripping balls junior 5 cm wood natural/turquoise
Reduced price
Small Foot gripping balls junior 5 cm wood natural/orange
Reduced price
Small Foot motorcube Country junior 42 x 62 cm wood natural
Reduced price
Small Foot Motor-Cube Giulino
226,- 151,-
Second Chance
Small Foot shape puzzle barn junior wood 12 pieces- S
Second Chance
Small Foot advent calendar Kerst 33 x 49 cm wood brown-S
Second Chance
Small Foot Rijg-Spin-S
Small Foot Wooden lotus flute 17 cm each
Small Foot chalk 12 parts
Small Foot sweep set junior 55 cm wood natural/green 3-piece
Small Foot baby swing Paard 45 x 29 x 30 cm wood natural
Small Foot Hammer Play Fairy 19 x 26 cm brown
Small Foot Hammer Play Ranch 19 x 26 cm brown
Small Foot four seasons leather wood board
Small Foot nest swing 62 cm textile green/black
Small Foot swing seat Sky Stormer 42 x 17 x 10 cm red
Small Foot shape puzzle alphabet Safari 22 x 29 cm wood 26-piece
Small Foot baby swing 30 x 30 x 23 cm wood natural/red/yellow
Small Foot Building Rack 235 x 35 x 75 cm
Small Foot Rotini Red Kar 38 X 34 X 16 cm
Reduced price
Small Foot figure 3 Clown's wood 8 cm
Reduced price
Small Foot digit 5 Clowns wood 8 cm
Reduced price
Small Foot numeral 6 Clown's wood 8 cm
Reduced price
Small Foot alphabet Animal letter F wood 8 cm
Reduced price
Small Foot alphabet Animal letter G wood 8 cm
Reduced price
Small Foot alphabet Animal letter I wood 8 cm
172 results12345

Small Foot toys

Small Foot has been making sustainable wooden toys since 1988. From the idea that children are the most valuable in this world, they design and produce their products. By doing so, they make toys that children play endlessly and learn something from at the same time. The natural appearance and the wonderful colours stimulate your child's creativity and development. Thanks to the sturdy wood, the toy lasts for years and children have endless fun!

Safe and sustainable toys

Small Foot develops its products with the utmost care so that they meet all safety requirements. The environment is also at the centre of the production process. For example, the toy uses only wood from sustainable sources and the packaging is environmentally friendly. But also because of the sustainability and because the products are reusable, Small Foot strives for a good environmental balance.

Build your own city with Small Foot World

Discover life in the city with these fun play sets from Small Foot World. Lay a road that leads you along all the beautiful places of the city.
There is a car with bad luck along the road. Drive to it with the tow truck and bring it to the car garage. Here the mechanic checks the car and fills it up again after repair.
Thanks to the police station in the centre, your city is safe. Patrol the streets and catch the crooks when you catch them in the act. Is there a fire somewhere? Then hurry up quickly to the fire station and let the fire trucks run out.
The farmhouse is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Although, here too there is plenty to do. Move the hay bales, give the animals to eat and harvest the crops. It's another busy day in your self-built Small Foot city!

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