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Metal Earth Havilland Tiger Moth DH82 3D model kit

Product description

Metal Earth Havilland tiger moth dh82 model set

Create your own 3D Laser Cut Metallic Model
The Fascinations Metal Earthcollection is made of small parts that have been pre-cut with a laser into a thin metal sheet

The Havilland tiger moth consists of a thin metal sheet. First cut or unscrew all pre-cut parts. Fold the parts into the correct shape and put two pieces together by sliding tabs or pins through a slot. You can assemble this model completely without glue! A fine cutter and pointed pliers is handy to use. The handy instructions are always explained step by step in the packaging.

The difficulty level of this metal model is two star low and suitable for the novice builder. You put this kit together in about one hour.

Gender: unisex
Material: metal
Package size: 12 x 16.8 x 0.1 cm (L x W x H)
Product dimensions: 10.9 cm
Color: silver
Number of sheets: 1
Age: from 14 years old

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Product specifications

BrandMetal Earth
TypeHavilland tiger moth dh82
AgeFrom 12 Years


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